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By Thomas Hooper
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Shaw Phelps brass knuckle tattoo Minneapolis mn
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37 Cool Final Fantasy Tattoosimage credit: www.squidoo.com
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55 Beautiful Half Sleeve Tattoos For Girlsphoto source: hadblog.com
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Want more tattoo ideas for your arm? Take a look at these 120 awesome arm tattoos ideas for men… All of them are really marvelous, especially #75! Read more: http://dopily.com/120-awesome-arm-tattoos-ideas-for-men/photo source: tattoosfor-men.com
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Looking for some good tattoos ideas for your leg? Here are 91 awesome leg tattoos ideas for girls… I totally love #30! Read more: http://dopily.com/91-awesome-leg-tattoos-ideas-for-girls/image source: www.tattooideastoppicks.com
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79 Gorgeous Chest Tattoos Ideas For Girlsphoto source: www.cuded.com
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Regram from my homie @jodilyford of the beginnings of my knee-bat! Beyond stoked. Thank you, lady!

Fuck yes
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Bims Kaizoku
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Tattoo done by Teresa Sharpe.
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