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For centuries, the dragon has been a symbol of power and mystery. Here are 44 awesome dragon tattoos ideas… You’re gonna love #9! http://dopily.com/44-awesome-dragon-tattoos-ideas/image credit: tatt00.net
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68 Cool Half Sleeve Ideas Tattoos For Menimage source: tattooideasmag.com
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Polynesian tattoos are an ancient art that has been receiving a lot of attention recently. Check out these 45 amazing polynesian tattoos ideas… #29 is my favorite! Read more: 45 Amazing Polynesian Tattoos Ideasimage credit: media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com
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Koi tattoos are one of the tattoos that have been gaining popularity recently. Take a look at these 20 beautiful koi tattoos ideas. #12 impressed me the most! Read more: 20 Beautiful Koi Tattoos Ideasphoto source: www-top.de.gg
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tattoo by Buena Vista Tattoo

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65 Beautiful Angel Wing Tattoos For Women: Read more: http://dopily.com/65-beautiful-angel-wing-tattoos-for-women/image credit: www.flickr.com
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Peacock done by Clint Vaught at Bazooka Tooth Tattoo Evansville, IN
Crow by Jereme Galloway Time and Tidw Tattoo Bloomington IN
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Worst Tattoo Fails: Worst Tattoo Fails: What were they thinking? http://liveisart.me/worst-tattoo-fails
image credit: rattatattoo.com
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120 Awesome Arm Tattoos Ideas For Men: http://dopily.com/120-awesome-arm-tattoos-ideas-for-men/photo source: www.geeph.com